Seeing climate change first-hand is a call to action for all of us. 

Our passion for the outdoors inspires and motivates us to seek and achieve the Triple Bottom Line in every project we design and develop.  We see receding glaciers, decimated forests, unprecedented drought and a natural world that is changing visibly. And this has energized our efforts at ReGen to do all that we can to protect our planet for future generations.

One Planet Protect it

Simply stated the purpose of our business and the end result of our work here at ReGen is the generation of clean, renewable, dependable and affordable energy — and this is why businesses and communities support our energy solutions, why our partnerships are extensive and why our team is dedicated to the success of our projects and clients.

“We have only one planet. There’s no Plan B because there’s no Planet B”

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- former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Save Money. Be Sustainable. Give Back. Achieve the Triple Bottom Line. 

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